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KPK Traffic Police – Short Documentary on Traffic Wardens

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New Salary Structure for KPK Teaching Hospitals

Employess will have to become Institutional Employees which means that they will come directly under that hospital (not directly under provincial government). This means that the political interference will decrease and they will be more answerable to the hospital management (i.e. Board of Directors).

Revised Salary Structure highlights:

  1. Fresh Doctor called Trainee Doctor (Grade 17): Salary increased from Rs. 65000 -> Rs. 120,000
  2. Seniro Medical Officier / Senior Registrar (Grade 18): Salary increased from Rs.65,150 -> Rs. 200,000
  3. Associate Professor (Grade 19): Salary increased from Rs. 88,000 -> Rs. 250,000
  4. Chief Medical Officier (Grade 20): Salary increased from Rs. 105,000 -> Rs. 300,000
  5. Professor (Grade 21): Salary increased from Rs. 118,000 -> Rs. 350,000

150 KW Mircro Hydro Power Project Completed in Rashang, Battagram

356 Micro Hydro Power Project Promise

KP government funded 150 kW Micro Hydro Power Project completed and tested successfully. It will cater Union Council Rashang, Battagram. Approximately 350 households will enjoy the light.

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First Time in History: KPK govt opens up government guest houses for the public through Tourism Department

The provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) has taken another initiative to bring some change in the province, in order to deliver the public. For the first time in the history of Pakistan, the government of KPK has opened the government guest houses for the public. Tourism Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has published advertisements in leading newspapers of Pakistan. With the tagline, “Public Money For Public Services”, the Tourism Department of the province has announce to give government owned guests houses on rent to the general public.

While addressing the event organized by Tourism Department KPK, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that the provincial government has spent 4 Lac rupees on 13 government guest houses and already have earned 40 Lac rupees after commercialization. He said that other remaining guest houses will be also commercialized soon and earned money would be spend on public welfare programs. Imran Khan said that the budget of CM House KPK is lowest as compared to other provinces. He also added that things would not become better unless public money would be spent on public welfare.

For bookings of government guest houses in KPK and other details:

  • Call on “92-91-9211091”, “92-331-9621213”, “92-310-0991718” or “92-341-4814756
  • Online bookings :


First of its Kind – KP Govt Launched Smartphone App (Android) for Citizens to register complaints on the spot

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PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government on Wednesday unveiled a dedicated web portal for citizens to know about the performance of all tiers of the government through the use of information technology.

The web portal has been prepared by the performance management cell (PMC) at the chief secretary’s office in collaboration with the Directorate of Science and Information Technology.

Briefing mediapersons at the Civil Secretariat, chief secretary’s personal staff officer Farrukh Atiq and deputy coordinator (technical) reforms implementation cell Dr Altamash Janjua said that that PMC would manage the web portal entailing information about the performance of the district governments and provincial departments, polio eradication efforts and law and order situation. It would also facilitate online file tracking system, monitoring of annual development programme, deputy commissioner e-office and GIS-based analysis of social services delivery in the province besides carrying reports of the independent monitoring unit about the health and education departments.

Mr Atiq said that the new system would help in effective service delivery to citizens, promote accountability and transparency in government functioning, support better governance through e-governance and ensure a culture of quantified performance management for government employees.

Officials say step to lead to greater transparency in govt affairs

He said that the system was aimed at making information about the work of government functionaries accessible to public. He said that the government was also sending teams to the districts off and on to substantiate the data uploaded to the service by the DC offices across the province and even some officials had been panelized on the basis of such data.

He said that the initiative would help foster a digital culture that would lead to greater transparency in government affairs. He said that the system would be formally launched by the chief minister soon.

Dr Altamash Janjua said that they were also introducing a smart phone application, which was available for download at the citizen portal. He said that through this App, people could submit complaints supported by the video, pictorial and audio evidence of any issue related to the government affairs. He said that in case the DC office did not take that complaint into account it would automatically reach the commissioner’s office. (source: Dawn, October 15th , 2015)

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KPK Right to Information Web Portal Launched

Anyone can now request for information using a simple online web form available at the RTI web portal. This is another great and unique service offered by KP Govt.

rti portalLink:

Note: Portal only supports Peshawar Dist. in the pilot phase

Traffic warden police equipped with body mounted cameras

PESHAWAR: The newly established Traffic Warden Police, Peshawar has taken another leap towards modernization by equipping its personnel with the body mounted cameras.

These cameras are equipped with both voice and video recording, says a police spokesman in a statement here on Wednesday.

The traffic staff has been directed to switch on the camera each time he proceeds to stop a vehicle for imposing fine. All the proceedings from stopping a vehicle till issuing a fine ticket to the driver would be recorded in real time in the camera memory.

In this techno-savvy age of the smart phones where almost anyone can record live events in real time, the question of imposing illegal fine and misbehavior on the part of on-duty traffic police staff has come under intense scrutiny.

Since the camera is an unbiased witness, it will provide substantial evidence of the sequence and happenings of the incident which would in turn help the supervisory officers as well as the courts to unearth the truth, establish true facts and make decisions on merit.

Secondly, these cameras would have a deterrent effect on the public as well as the traffic staff by holding both of them accountable. These cameras would help in neutralizing the defiant attitudes of the public
and criminal orientations of suspects. Further, the dread of being caught red-handed would have a remedial effect on the behavior and demeanor of the traffic staff.

Therefore, it is anticipated that the cumulative effect of these body-worn cameras would lead to a drastic drop in complaints of misbehavior, seeking gratification and imposing illegal fine.

This is another initiative of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police which is in line with the best international practices. The law enforcement agencies of almost all the countries of the developed world are equipped with body mounted cameras. The KP police is the first police force in Pakistan to take this initiative.

This project will be implemented in three phases. In the first phase the traffic police of Peshawar has been provided these body-worn cameras.

In the second and third phases the traffic police of remaining districts and the local police respectively would be equipped with the modern cameras. – APP


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