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Free Health for 32% poor KPK citizens

Free health facility in public or private hospitals for 32% poor and deserving population ( 81 lac people). First time in Pakistan, but only in KPK.

Govt cost= 1.8 billion only


PESHAWAR: Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has approved extension of the Sehat Sahulat Programme to the whole province from the next financial year to provide free quality health care facilities to poorest strata of the society.

The decision was taken at a meeting in the Chief Minister’s Secretariat here on Wednesday, said a handout. Secretary Health Abid Majid informed the meeting that the proposed programme costing Rs1.82 billion would provide free health care services to 32 percent of the poorest population, around 1,166,388 households of the province which constitute 81,00,000 individuals.

He elaborated that under the programme to be financed by the government from its own resources, health facilities would be extended to the needy patients through insurance corporations at empanelled public and private hospitals.  The secretary explained that deserving patients would be registered according to the poverty index criteria set by the Benazir Income Support Programme.

Similarly, he said that Rs25,000 would be incurred on the treatment of each deserving patient while the whole poor family would be provided Rs175,000 per year for the purpose. He said that registered patients would have the choice  to select either public or private hospital for treatment.  He elaborated that the health-care programme, besides reducing expenditures of the poor population and generation of additional income for the public sector hospitals would also provide incentives for health staff.

The steps, he said, would increase access of the poorest population to quality health care, improve health status of the target of population and help reduce poverty.  The programme has been implemented in four districts of the province, including, Mardan, Kohat, Malakand and Chitral with the financial assistance of KFW and the provincial government.

The beneficiaries of existing programme are 21 percent poorest households are being facilitated under the programme. Similarly, 100,000 households including 700,000 individuals are provide health care services through State Life Insurance Corporation.



New Salary Structure for KPK Teaching Hospitals

Employess will have to become Institutional Employees which means that they will come directly under that hospital (not directly under provincial government). This means that the political interference will decrease and they will be more answerable to the hospital management (i.e. Board of Directors).

Revised Salary Structure highlights:

  1. Fresh Doctor called Trainee Doctor (Grade 17): Salary increased from Rs. 65000 -> Rs. 120,000
  2. Seniro Medical Officier / Senior Registrar (Grade 18): Salary increased from Rs.65,150 -> Rs. 200,000
  3. Associate Professor (Grade 19): Salary increased from Rs. 88,000 -> Rs. 250,000
  4. Chief Medical Officier (Grade 20): Salary increased from Rs. 105,000 -> Rs. 300,000
  5. Professor (Grade 21): Salary increased from Rs. 118,000 -> Rs. 350,000

Experts from abroad to oversee implementation of health reforms

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department is heavily relying on the expertise of professionals from abroad to implement the Health Reforms Act 2015 that seeks a paradigm shift in the existing system to make the health delivery system truly effective.

Relevant officials say that the newly-appointed board of directors (BoD) shows the government`s reliance on experts of international repute being tasked to bring changes in the existing system. There is no bar on BoD members belonging to any other province.

Prof Nausherwan Burki, a US-based Pakistani pulmonologist who spearheads the initiative along with other foreignbased BoD Pakistani members, has volunteered to help the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government in reforming the system.

For this purpose, he would stay for a longer period in Peshawar as required. As a rule, the board will hold quarterly meetings, but like Dr Burki, another BoD member Dr Khalid Khan, a Swabi-born foreign-based plastic surgeon, has also communicated to the government about his availability on voluntary basis.

The BoD`s formation signals to the way the government intends to bring about drastic changes for improvement in the health delivery network. Dr Burki, also a former chief executive of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMCH), is a member of Lady Reading Hospital`s BoD where he will be calling the shots.

While Dr Faisal Sultan, SKMCH chief executive officer, is one of the members of the Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) BoD and will be at the driving seat.

Dr Mohammad Asim Yousaf is one of the five board members announced for the Ayub Medical Complex (AMC), Abbottabad, and he will play a lead role there, sources said.

They said that Dr Asim was also behind the construction of the SKMCH in Peshawar.

The sources said that all these health system specialists had remained members of the federal health committees, but now they would have to somehow adjust to the local circumstances. They said that the government would soon complete the process of hiring seven private members of BoD for each of the four teaching hospitals. Five each members for the KTH and AMC have been notified.

Each of the 10-member BoDs will have three ex-officio members, including three administrative secretaries, without vote power with regard to decisions. The sources said that the specialist doctors had also been in contact with the provincial health department and knew about the local situation.

The health department has already been working with them, but fears that these professionals, who have a rich international experience, lack local knowledge about how the employees work. The sources say that the prevailing culture of strikes and protests by doctors and paramedics, which shut the public sector hospitals for thousands of patients, would be a big challenge for them to tackle.

They said that the SKMCH didn`t allow protests, etc due to which it had gained a global recognition. The KP employees are in the habit of leaving their place of duty and resorting to strikes which won`t be that simple to be handled by the new setup.

The sources said that BoDs were trying to recruit highly professional people as medical directors, who would actually be running the hospitals.


Independent Monitoring Units (IMU) for Health Sector

Biometric Attendance : Ensuring attendance of govt. employess in Education and Health departments

KPK Govt to hire 790 doctors to fulfill the shortage in Govt. Hospitals

courtesy: Naya KPK Facebook Page

What PTI has done in 17 months (must watch)

This video was published in November 2014 which shows the achievements of PTI govt in KPK in Health, Education, Anti Corruption, Police, CM Complaint Cell, Patwari culture. Future posts on this blog will give updates on the actual implementation of services to be offered as highlighted in this video (Police SMS, Hospital Biometric, IMUs for Hospital, etc.)

Achievements of KPK Govt (Official Presentation)

A detailed KPK Govt OFFICIAL published presentation listing out the various achievements of the KPK Govt since being elected into power. Our website (kpkprogress) highlights most of the news related to these achievements grouped into various categories.

  • Significant ones:
    • 57% public satisfaction (top of the list)
    • 25 new bills (RTI, RTS, Ehtesab Bill, etc.)
    • Police reforms (online FIR with statistics, Schools of Intelligence and Investigation)
    • Record Revenue Collection of 32 billion as compared to 11 billion in the last year
    • Change from most corrupt province in 2010 to no reported corruption in 2014 (Transparency International Pakistan)
    • Child School Enrolment program resulted in 300000 new enrolments
    • Education (IMU, Hiring of 16000 new teachers)
    • Infrastructure (Peshawar Mass Transit ground breaking expected in Dec 2014)
    • 900 Trafic Wardens trained to be on roads in September 2014
    • And others (Environment, Sports, Power, Tourism, …)
  • Available here:
  • Alternate link to download: 234434087-KPK-Achievements

Bad State of Govt Hospital in Bannu