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Pervaiz Khattak in 8pm with Fareeha

He talks about IDPs, Assembly dissolving issue, Hospitals, Power projects, Price Control system



Life of Asad Umar, Political Career, KPK governance

Brief summary of this interview:

  • Pay of Asad Umar (first, last)
  • Sons of Generals and Asad Umar
  • Role of Gen. Umar (father of Asad Umar) in 1971 events according to Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report
  • Brothers in different parties – AU in PTI, Zubair Umar in PML-N
  • Gen. Umar was student assistant of Quaid-e-Azam
  • Asad Umar vs Javaid Hashmi : Result analysis
  • Engro company fined due to hoarding
  • Issue of Kalabagh Dam
  • KPK governance: Local body elections, RTI, RTS
  • Vision of KPK in 2018
  • Problems of Bureaucracy – How RTS can help
  • KPK Police (IK excitement on discovery of IGP Nasir Durrani)

Asad Umar’s Analysis of Budget 2014-15 in National Assembly

A brief summary of points mentioned by Asad Umar in this video:

  • False statement in Assembly: Debt limit violation of the law
  • False statement by Ishaq Dar: GDP growth rate 4.1 (IMF=3.3, Dr. Hafeez=3.5)
  • Inflation: 5.2% when this govt took charge. 8.7% now
  • Last 1 year: Least investment in 50 years
  • Exports: realistic target of 8% was set. Expected to be LESS than previous year
  • Current Account Deficit: Even though foreign remittences increased, deficit further increased to $2.1 billion in 10 months (compare it to $1.5 billion in PPP govt 2012-13)
  • Foreign Loans/Debt: $10 billion in one year, Planning $30+ billion more (2 generations)
  • Electricity rates: 78% incarese in one year
  • Tax amensty: Tax exemption of Rs.477 billion in last one year (compre with PPP govt 2012-2103: Rs.239 billion)
  • Electricity: Daily loss Rs. 1 billion (same as PPP govt) despite 78% increased cost.
  • Circular Debt: Again Rs. 350 billion by end of year

Budget 2014-15

  • Duty reduced for 1800+cc vehicles
  • Foreigner investor will pay 20% tax – Local Pakistani investor will pay 30% tax


watch here if embedded video does not show:

PTI view on Fedearl budget 2014-2015

If embedded viedeos don’t appear:

Imran Khan – Aaj with Reham Khan


IG KPK Nasir Durrani Interview – Khyber TV

Imran Khan – Khara Sach with Mubashir Luqman

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Imran Khan – Tonight with Jasmine

Part 1:

Part 2:

Imran Khan with Dr. Danish



Imran Khan with Nadeem Malik Live

Watch here:

Imran Khan – Reasons for protest on 11th May

Watch here:

Imran Khan in Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhary

Watch here:

Imran Khan’s speech at 18th Youm-e-Tasees

Watch Part 1
Watch Part 2

Asad Umar – A candid Interview

Key points of interview
– Khan sb sa pehli mulaqat kab aur kahan hoi ?
– khan sb na Asad umar ko kesa PTI mein ana ka lia raazi kia ?
– Imran khan ka bad agar party chairman ki peshkash ho tu ?
– Siasat mein ana ka bad zindagi mei kia tabdeli ai ?
– KPK Govt ki performance pa Asad umar ka tazjiya?
– PTI metro bus ki mukalfat kyn ker rahi hai ?
– Young generation ka lia koi pegham ?

With Kamran Shahid

Imran Khan on Capital TV – Bey Laag with Ejaz Haider

Interview of Imran Khan w/ Nadeem Malik

IG Police KPK Interview

IG KPK Police Nasir Durrani says that Police is fully independent and there is no political inteference. He also clarified the transfer of DPO Mansehra. Watch here for short clip (2:26) and see full inteview in the following parts.