New Salary Structure for KPK Teaching Hospitals

Employess will have to become Institutional Employees which means that they will come directly under that hospital (not directly under provincial government). This means that the political interference will decrease and they will be more answerable to the hospital management (i.e. Board of Directors).

Revised Salary Structure highlights:

  1. Fresh Doctor called Trainee Doctor (Grade 17): Salary increased from Rs. 65000 -> Rs. 120,000
  2. Seniro Medical Officier / Senior Registrar (Grade 18): Salary increased from Rs.65,150 -> Rs. 200,000
  3. Associate Professor (Grade 19): Salary increased from Rs. 88,000 -> Rs. 250,000
  4. Chief Medical Officier (Grade 20): Salary increased from Rs. 105,000 -> Rs. 300,000
  5. Professor (Grade 21): Salary increased from Rs. 118,000 -> Rs. 350,000


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