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Proposed Names of 5-member Search and Scrutiny Committee

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government on Wednesday approved names of a five-member search and scrutiny committee to operationalise the Ehtesab Act, 2014 (read here). Who are these people (I did a google search)
  1. Justice (r) Abdul Aziz Kundi -> The opponents blamed him in his Abbottabad Commission verdict that he has political affilitations with ANP (here)
  2. former chief secretary Abdullah -> A man of integrity. Imran Khan wanted him to accept a role. (read this from Aug 21, 2013) – Listen to him in this video at 10:29 -> Right to Information Bill Launching Ceremony
  3. senior journalist Ismail Khan -> His posts indicate that he criticized PTI, IK, PML etc without taking any sides (see this)
  4. former vice chancellor Professor Mohammad Daud (a professional)
  5. social worker Mohammad Hamayun (many google results. Don’t know which one is this)

The profile of these people show that PTI is working seriously for an INDEPENDENT ACCOUNTABILITY COMISSION.


Using existing infrastructure to solve traffic problems in Peshawar

  • Using existing infrastructure to solve traffic problems in Peshawar
  • Will be operational for test in 2 months.



Details of Independent Monitoring Units (IMUs)

  • Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU) to start from February or March 2014
  • Existing employees of schools will NOT be part of IMUs
  • Recruited: 475 monitors (303 male for boys schools, 172 female for girls schools)
  • Each monitor will have a Smartphone with GPRS (hopefully 3G later) for immediate transmission of all information concerning the respective schools to the IMU office.
  • The GPS will show (to main office) that the monitor visited the school
  • Collect data about: absent teachers, student-teacher ratio, missing facilities in the schools, enrolment and dropout rate of students, physical environment of schools buildings, distribution of free textbooks, stipends to the girls’ students, utilisation of fund for minor repairs, etc
  • Each monitor to visit 2-3 schools every day
  • Monitor salary + motocycle + Rs. 10000 fuel allowance
  • Monitors will not have any fixed school to avoid “good” contact with teachers
  • Finally, third party evaluation after 3 years

KP govt mulls holding LG polls in phases

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is considering holding the local government elections in phases and the decision would be taken in the next few days. The provincial government is keen to conduct the local government polls using the biometric system. However, the government is faced with problems about the biometric system. (The News report here)

Election Commission not happy with existing biometric system

Watch here:

KPK Govt enacts independent Ehtisab Commission as promised in PTIs manifesto

KPK Govt enacts independent Ehtisab Commission as promised in PTIs manifesto (read here)
This is how it works: Accountability Commission flowchart/structure and appointment process – as a diagram.
Working of KPK Accountability Commission


Public feedback after 6 months

PTI KPK Govt. 6 Months Performance – KPK People Views with Kashif Abbasi


Useful Links

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Food Control Pricing Portal:

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New version: (don’t know why this is not directed to

Tameer-e-School Program

Website of KPK Provincial Assembly (new template) (compare to old:

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SINOTEC (Chinese) – 500 MW hydal electricity in KPK Provicial grid in 4 years

500 MW hydal electricity in KPK Provicial grid in 4 years. Chinese company Sinotec (not CINOTEC as in news article) will get loans from Chinese banks for the projects. (read here)

Imran Khan inaugurates Micro Hydro Electic Power Plant on Swat River in Kalam

Aug 26, 2013: Imran Khan laid foundation stone of micro hydro power project which is believed to provide cheap electricity to Kalam people and adjoining areas along the upper reaches of the Swat River of Swat Valley by next year. (read here)

Biometric Attendance System Fails

  • The idea is right but serious effort is needed for proper execution. For example, this system works very well in Pakistan State Oil (PSO) where employes attendance is recorded with a better palm recognition device.
  • On a side note: AAP government in India interested to introduce biometric attendance system (Jan 6, 2014 news)


Hydropower Projects under consideration

Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa intends to develop the following hydropower potential Raw (Pre-Feasibility Completed) sites in private sector on BOOT basis under Provincial Hydel Policy 2006 through International Competitive Bidding (ICB) (Tender details here)

New Bags, New Books

Action against violating Teachers



Giving unrealistic dates for Local Body Elections on SC pressure

Giving unrealistic dates on SC pressure and now Rana Sanaullah says that it can take upto one year to do delimitations (read here)

What is the purpose? (youtube, facebook)