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Nearly 5,000 cops punished in KP during past two years: report

PESHAWAR: An unprecedented number of police officials of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Police have been awarded punishments on multifarious grounds since October 2013, a document obtained by DawnNews reveals.

It is the first time in Pakistani history that senior level-officers including Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSPs) and acting Superintendents of Police (SPs) have been removed from service on account of misconduct.

Between October 2013 and September 2015, 4,934 police officials have been either removed from service or awarded other punishments on disciplinary grounds, the document shows.

The policemen include 15 DSPs and acting SPs, 44 Inspectors, 328 Sub-Inspectors, 321 Assistant Sub-Inspectors, 385 Head Constables and 3,842 Constables.

Of these officials, 10 DSPs and acting SPs, four Inspectors, 42 SIs, 34 ASIs, 51 HCs and 446 Constables have been removed from service.

All these punishments have been awarded after following due procedure of law.

Whenever a complaint against a police official is brought to the attention of the Inspector General Police (IGP), it is forwarded to three different agencies for verification and subject to an initial fact-finding inquiry.

This procedure is to be completed within 24 hours. If the official is found guilty in the initial inquiry, he is suspended and the initiation of departmental disciplinary proceedings are ordered under the KP Police Efficiency and Discipline Rules.

On completion of these proceedings, the delinquent official, if found guilty, is awarded appropriate punishment in line with the recommendation of the inquiry officer.

According to the KP police spokesman Riaz Khan, the effective internal accountability mechanism is a pre-requisite of bridging the ever-increasing gap between the public and police.

KP’s IGP Nasir Khan Durrani has developed an organised Police Access System to address public complaints within the shortest possible time. He also introduced the I-call system, establishing a round-the-clock direct link between himself and the public.

IGP Durrani with a subordinate- Photo by author

“Through the efforts of IGP Durrani, the KP Police Efficiency and Discipline rules were amended in 2014, resultantly empowering supervisory officers to initiate disciplinary proceedings against their subordinates and award them punishments,” Riaz Khan said.

“This was believed essential for effective and efficacious supervision. Prior to the amendments, a District Police Officer (DPO) was unable to punish officers above the rank of SI.”

Similarly, a Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) had no powers to punish officers of any rank. It rendered SDPOs ineffective while DPOs were reluctant to post Inspectors as SHOs.

Likewise, the Regional Police Officer (RPO) had no means to discipline SDPOs as the power to punish rested with the IGP.

A special appellate board has also been incorporated through these amendments for redressal of grievances of the police officials in a professional, transparent and judicious manner.

“The special appellate board consisting of the IGP and senior officers of the rank Additional IGP and DIG provides an opportunity of second appeal,” the KP police spokesman said.

Owing to the constitution of this board, the high courts have also taken exception towards deciding any appeal in favour of applicants, Riaz Khan said.


Lists of Corrupt Officiers (grade 18 and above) being prepared

What PTI has done in 17 months (must watch)

This video was published in November 2014 which shows the achievements of PTI govt in KPK in Health, Education, Anti Corruption, Police, CM Complaint Cell, Patwari culture. Future posts on this blog will give updates on the actual implementation of services to be offered as highlighted in this video (Police SMS, Hospital Biometric, IMUs for Hospital, etc.)

DG Ehtisab Commission appointed

PESHAWAR: Lt-General (r) Hamid Khan, the newly appointed director general of the Ehtesab Commission, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has said that he would discharge his duty without fear and favour to make accountable those involved in corruption and misuse of powers.

When approached by The News on Wednesday soon after the notification of his appointment as the head of the recently created provincial Ehtesab Commission was issued, he said the search committee appointed by the government had approached him and offered him the job. “Mine isn’t a political appointment. I am a non-political person and am taking up this appointment in the larger public interest,” he pointed out. He added that he would ensure that the Ehtesab Commission carried out across-the-board accountability.

Lt-Gen (r) Hamid Khan served as Corps Commander Peshawar from 2005-2007 and led the military operations against the militants in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Earlier in his military career, he had served as general officer commanding, Kohat. He also remained the president of the National Defence University, Islamabad.

He didn’t take up any formal job after retirement from the Pakistan Army in 2009 and preferred living on his farmhouse in Charsadda district looking after his agricultural fields. He also supervised the working of a school being run by his family for the under-privileged students of the area.

Some months ago, he was made the head of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter, in an honorary capacity. He began taking keen interest in this job to look after the needs of the internally displaced persons and other needy people.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)-led Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government had promised to set up an independent Ehtesab Commission in the province as it had accused the federal government of being selective in carrying out accountability. Chief Minister Pervez Khattak had said on numerous occasions that their Ehtesab Commission would be so powerful that it could even make him accountable.

The provincial government had set up a search committee to propose the names of credible people to become members of the Ehtesab Commission and also for the office of its director general. Among others, the search committee had former Inspector General of Police Mohammad Abbas Khan, former chief secretary Ejaz Qureshi and former Peshawar High Court judge Sher Mohammad Khan as members.

The search committee recommended appointment of former Peshawar High Court judge Hamid Farooq Durrani as head of the Ehtesab Commission and four others as its members. They are supposed to make policies of the Ehtesab Commission while the task of the day-to-day running of the commission would be handled by its director general, Lt-Gen (r) Hamid Khan.

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First case referred to Ehtisab Commission

Contractors delegation meets CM, corruption case of consultant referred to EC

Peshawar: KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak while taking strong exception of the ineligibility and irregularities of certain consultants in wake of the momentum of developmental process in the province has directed for high level departmental inquiry against the concerned responsible authorities for appointment of wrong consultants not fulfilling the required criteria. Similarly he on receiving proof of irregularity of a consultant in a project in Bannu immediately reffered the case to Ehtesab Commission (EC) that would be the first case to this newly established commission. It was revealed in a meeting of the delegation of contractor community with the Chief Minister Pervez Khattak at CM Secretariat Peshawar.
The delegation was led by Malak Riaz Khan MPA who besides apprising him of their problems and demands welcomed the policy of consultants to keep a double check on use of developmental funds and quality completion of schemes. Besides secretary planning & development department the administrative secretaries and authorities of construction related departments were also present on this occasion.
The contractor community of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa appreciated the policy of PTI-led govt especially the Chief Minister Pervez Khattak for uprooting the menace of corruption and commission in tenders and contracts of developmental schemes by terming it historical and revolutionary step of the present govt and announced their full support in its implementation.
Pervez Khattak while lauding the spirit of cooperation of the contractor community assured that the transparent policies and laws introduced by his govt would tantamount to elimination of corruption, nepotism and inefficiency on one side but would ensure the benefits and prosperity of all walks of life including the contractor community on the other.
He said that corruption always weakened the very foundation of a state or nation while its 100% abolition led to 100% development of the people that he said was ultimate goal of the present provincial govt. He said that consultants policy would also stop the trending use of sub-standard material in developmental projects including buildings and bridges besides putting a halt on corruption and embezzlement of huge public money.
The Chief Minister while assuring proper resolution of the problems and demands of the contractor community directed for setting up a committee headed by secretary P&D department and comprising members from both sides of govt and contractor community. He directed for considering all the genuine problems of the contractors through the proposed committee.


Achievements of KPK Govt (Official Presentation)

A detailed KPK Govt OFFICIAL published presentation listing out the various achievements of the KPK Govt since being elected into power. Our website (kpkprogress) highlights most of the news related to these achievements grouped into various categories.

  • Significant ones:
    • 57% public satisfaction (top of the list)
    • 25 new bills (RTI, RTS, Ehtesab Bill, etc.)
    • Police reforms (online FIR with statistics, Schools of Intelligence and Investigation)
    • Record Revenue Collection of 32 billion as compared to 11 billion in the last year
    • Change from most corrupt province in 2010 to no reported corruption in 2014 (Transparency International Pakistan)
    • Child School Enrolment program resulted in 300000 new enrolments
    • Education (IMU, Hiring of 16000 new teachers)
    • Infrastructure (Peshawar Mass Transit ground breaking expected in Dec 2014)
    • 900 Trafic Wardens trained to be on roads in September 2014
    • And others (Environment, Sports, Power, Tourism, …)
  • Available here:
  • Alternate link to download: 234434087-KPK-Achievements

Results after dealing with corruption


Director & Asst. Director planning arrested for corruption

  • NAB-KPK arrests two bureaucrats for their alleged involvement in a land scam worth Rs 400 million.
  • Director planning : Salahuddin
  • Assistant director planning : Muhammad Yaqoob
  • In connection with purchasing land at Nathiagali for a housing scheme
  • Earlier NAB had already arrested the then secretary housing Zakiullah, former director finance of the Provincial Housing Authority (PHA), former PHA DG Javed Ahmad, land acquisition collector Naveed Qadir and their alleged frontman, Mohammad Asif in the same case.
  • Furthermore NAB claimed that in 2012 the PHA, Peshawar, acquired land for a project namely `housing scheme for government servants and general public’ at Nathiagali, in Abbottabad at exorbitant price.
  • source:

Assisstant Commissioner Income Tax Abbottabad Arrested by NAB

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2 more arrested – income tax dept Abbottabad

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Pervaiz Khattak meets with DG NAB

  • Discussed about the KP Ehtisab Commission which will be operational soon
  • CM appreciated 25 days performance of the new DG NAB (arrest of 17 corrupt persons)
  • Shared difference on Plea-bargain
    • NAB releases the corrupt after recovering a meager amount
    • KP wants every penny be taken back
  • Corrupt should not be posted on important posts (list of corrupt being maintained)
  • Corruption cases reported to CM Complaint Cell to be given to NAB
  • Meeting will be held between DG NAB and Chief Ehtisab Commissioner (once appointed)
  • Full report:

Rajab Ali – DSP Mardan arrested for corruption

  • National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) chapter arrested serving DSP Mardan (who promoted him from SHO to DSP with such record?)
  • Responsible for illegal detention of innocent people as SHO (Hayatabad)
  • He is believed to have political connections and during the previous government he enjoyed “unprecedented backing” of a very senior leader of the ruling party
  • Full news:


Old news about his corruption (March 22, 2012)

Watch Him:

Action against corrupt Police men

3 top KPK sports officiers suspended

more updates will be posted here as they come

Official govt verdict (source:


12-04-2014: Pervaiz Khattak suspends 3 seniors sports department officiers

  • After initial inquiry of 1.8 million transfered to Mahmood Khan’s (PTI minister) account (my view: strange/fishy)
  • Mahmood Khan cleared
  • Following suspended
    • Sports Secretary (Ahmad Hassan)
    • DG Sports (Tariq Mehmood) who is a BS-17 officier working at BS-19 position
    • Drawing and disbursement officer at the directorate of sports (Mohammad Tariq)
  • Inquiry officier: Dr Hammad Awais Agha (BS-21).
  • My verdict: They can be blamed for violating rules but who asked them to do so? Why minister got clean chit

10-04-2014: Imran Khan urged CM to ban discretionary funds (read with reference to previous story)

08-04-2014: Sports minister, Mahmood Khan transfered Rs. 1.8 million (18 lac) from discretionary fund to his personal account

KPK Govt requests for list of provincial NAB cases

پشاور: خیبرپختونخوا حکومت نے بدعنوانیوں میں ملوث صوبائی ملازمین کی تفصیلات نیب سے طلب کرلیں

پشاور: جن ملازمین کے خلاف نیب انکوائری کررہا ہےانھیں کسی بھی عہدے پر تعینات نہیں کیاجائےگا،وزیراطلاعات خیبرپختونخوا شاہ فرمان

پشاور: صوبائی حکومت تمام انکوائریوں میں نیب کے ساتھ تعاون کرے گی، شاہ فرمان

Director General and others held (Nathiagali Housing Scheme)


Ex-Project Director (grade 19) Bannu Development Authority Arrested


Full details here:

Commissioner Income Tax (grade 19) Abbottabd arrested

Date: 25-03-2014


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