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KPK Police Jaguars – Commando force ready

A commando unit on the pattern of Pakistan Army’s Zarar Company, US navy seals, was raised in April 2014. It was named Special Combat Unit (SCU) which is now nicked as KPK Police Jaguars. Trained by Pakistan Army and Navy commandos, Jaguars are ready…


KPK Traffic Police – Short Documentary on Traffic Wardens

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Traffic warden police equipped with body mounted cameras

PESHAWAR: The newly established Traffic Warden Police, Peshawar has taken another leap towards modernization by equipping its personnel with the body mounted cameras.

These cameras are equipped with both voice and video recording, says a police spokesman in a statement here on Wednesday.

The traffic staff has been directed to switch on the camera each time he proceeds to stop a vehicle for imposing fine. All the proceedings from stopping a vehicle till issuing a fine ticket to the driver would be recorded in real time in the camera memory.

In this techno-savvy age of the smart phones where almost anyone can record live events in real time, the question of imposing illegal fine and misbehavior on the part of on-duty traffic police staff has come under intense scrutiny.

Since the camera is an unbiased witness, it will provide substantial evidence of the sequence and happenings of the incident which would in turn help the supervisory officers as well as the courts to unearth the truth, establish true facts and make decisions on merit.

Secondly, these cameras would have a deterrent effect on the public as well as the traffic staff by holding both of them accountable. These cameras would help in neutralizing the defiant attitudes of the public
and criminal orientations of suspects. Further, the dread of being caught red-handed would have a remedial effect on the behavior and demeanor of the traffic staff.

Therefore, it is anticipated that the cumulative effect of these body-worn cameras would lead to a drastic drop in complaints of misbehavior, seeking gratification and imposing illegal fine.

This is another initiative of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police which is in line with the best international practices. The law enforcement agencies of almost all the countries of the developed world are equipped with body mounted cameras. The KP police is the first police force in Pakistan to take this initiative.

This project will be implemented in three phases. In the first phase the traffic police of Peshawar has been provided these body-worn cameras.

In the second and third phases the traffic police of remaining districts and the local police respectively would be equipped with the modern cameras. – APP


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Nearly 5,000 cops punished in KP during past two years: report

PESHAWAR: An unprecedented number of police officials of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Police have been awarded punishments on multifarious grounds since October 2013, a document obtained by DawnNews reveals.

It is the first time in Pakistani history that senior level-officers including Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSPs) and acting Superintendents of Police (SPs) have been removed from service on account of misconduct.

Between October 2013 and September 2015, 4,934 police officials have been either removed from service or awarded other punishments on disciplinary grounds, the document shows.

The policemen include 15 DSPs and acting SPs, 44 Inspectors, 328 Sub-Inspectors, 321 Assistant Sub-Inspectors, 385 Head Constables and 3,842 Constables.

Of these officials, 10 DSPs and acting SPs, four Inspectors, 42 SIs, 34 ASIs, 51 HCs and 446 Constables have been removed from service.

All these punishments have been awarded after following due procedure of law.

Whenever a complaint against a police official is brought to the attention of the Inspector General Police (IGP), it is forwarded to three different agencies for verification and subject to an initial fact-finding inquiry.

This procedure is to be completed within 24 hours. If the official is found guilty in the initial inquiry, he is suspended and the initiation of departmental disciplinary proceedings are ordered under the KP Police Efficiency and Discipline Rules.

On completion of these proceedings, the delinquent official, if found guilty, is awarded appropriate punishment in line with the recommendation of the inquiry officer.

According to the KP police spokesman Riaz Khan, the effective internal accountability mechanism is a pre-requisite of bridging the ever-increasing gap between the public and police.

KP’s IGP Nasir Khan Durrani has developed an organised Police Access System to address public complaints within the shortest possible time. He also introduced the I-call system, establishing a round-the-clock direct link between himself and the public.

IGP Durrani with a subordinate- Photo by author

“Through the efforts of IGP Durrani, the KP Police Efficiency and Discipline rules were amended in 2014, resultantly empowering supervisory officers to initiate disciplinary proceedings against their subordinates and award them punishments,” Riaz Khan said.

“This was believed essential for effective and efficacious supervision. Prior to the amendments, a District Police Officer (DPO) was unable to punish officers above the rank of SI.”

Similarly, a Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) had no powers to punish officers of any rank. It rendered SDPOs ineffective while DPOs were reluctant to post Inspectors as SHOs.

Likewise, the Regional Police Officer (RPO) had no means to discipline SDPOs as the power to punish rested with the IGP.

A special appellate board has also been incorporated through these amendments for redressal of grievances of the police officials in a professional, transparent and judicious manner.

“The special appellate board consisting of the IGP and senior officers of the rank Additional IGP and DIG provides an opportunity of second appeal,” the KP police spokesman said.

Owing to the constitution of this board, the high courts have also taken exception towards deciding any appeal in favour of applicants, Riaz Khan said.

Coming up: Traffic Wardens

Results of Police Reforms

Image courtesy: NAYA KPK Facebook Page

IMAGES – Special Combat Unit undergoing Helicopter Rappeling Training


Modern FIR Rooms in urban police stations soon

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Traffic Management / Dicipline @ University road Peshawar

Imran Khan attends Special Combat Unit’s passing out Parade

Pakistan’s 1st Explosive Handling School Established by KPK Police

NOWSHERA: The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government has established the country’s first explosive-handling school to train bomb disposal squads (BDS), Express News reported.

K-P Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak inaugurated the school. K-P IG Nasir Durrani gave the chief minister a tour of the facility, while BDS personnel performed a demonstration of finding explosive material buried underground.

Addressing the media on the occasion, IG Nasir Durrani said that BDS personnel will be trained to international standards at the facility, adding that in the first phase, a 500-man unit will acquire expertise in finding explosive material hidden underground and in various objects.


IGP KPK addressing police officiers regarding level of political involvment


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What PTI has done in 17 months (must watch)

This video was published in November 2014 which shows the achievements of PTI govt in KPK in Health, Education, Anti Corruption, Police, CM Complaint Cell, Patwari culture. Future posts on this blog will give updates on the actual implementation of services to be offered as highlighted in this video (Police SMS, Hospital Biometric, IMUs for Hospital, etc.)

Police Complaint through SMS and Redreassal in 24 hours

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PESHAWAR: If you have any complaint against police in any district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa regarding registration of a genuine case, you do not need to write application and go through security barriers for submitting it to the police.

“You just need to send a short text message to the central police office and will get a response within 24 hours,” Sajjad Khan, chief of the police complaint cell, told Dawn during a visit to the cell here on Monday.

He said the initiative had been taken by inspector general of police Nasir Khan Durrani, who would monitor the facility to benefit the complainants, who had no access to the police and faced hardships in lodging their reports.

Read: Online FIR registration procedure announced

According to him, the complaint cell, which is to be formally inaugurated soon, has been established in the central police office, where anyone could send complaints through SMS to be automatically transferred to the computer for print for further action.

Sajjad said the complaint would be forwarded to the relevant district police officer with special directives of the IGP to respond to it within 24 hours otherwise the red light in the complaint cell would continue blinking until the cell didn’t get the response.

He said in the genuine cases, FIRs would be registered without hesitation by the officials concerned to ensure dispensation of speedy justice to the people.

The complaint cell’s chief said police had developed the system to receive public complaints through SMS and to make early coordinated efforts for solution of the issues within the shortest possible time.

He said the service would facilitate the general public to lodge complaints against the police officials and that complaint would be addressed in 24 hours.

Sajjad said a special number i.e. 0315-9007777 had been allocated for the SMS service, which would become functional very soon.

He said besides short message service, the complaints would also be received through different means like fax, telephone, manually, through email and post offices.

The complaint cell’s chief said awareness of the facility would be created to address the people’s problems.

Meanwhile, spokesman for the police Riaz Ahmad said all additional IGPs, DIGs, DPOs and SDPOs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had been given special official cellphone numbers to bring more improvement in close contact with the general public, ensure coordinated efforts against crimes and in-time action to address public complaints.

He said these official mobile numbers in serial had been allocated for the above designated posts.

“In case of transfer of any police officer deployed to designated posts, the mobile number will be automatically transferred to the newly incumbent officer. The special numbers will remain open round the clock to remove the communication gap between the police and the public,” he said.

The spokesman said the step had been taken to effectively bridge the gap between the public and the police to address their complaints and launch coordinated efforts to preempt and prevent crimes.

The official expressed the hope that the step would go a long way in ensuring peace and security in the society.

He said the numbers would be used exclusively for official purpose.

The official said the provincial police had taken a number of steps for better coordination between the public and the police to resolve public complaints and establish a crime-free society.

He said the complaint management cell was in addition to the facility of online FIRs and police assistance line to address public grievances.


Nasir Durrani IGP KPK

Telling about reforms in police

Achievements of KPK Govt (Official Presentation)

A detailed KPK Govt OFFICIAL published presentation listing out the various achievements of the KPK Govt since being elected into power. Our website (kpkprogress) highlights most of the news related to these achievements grouped into various categories.

  • Significant ones:
    • 57% public satisfaction (top of the list)
    • 25 new bills (RTI, RTS, Ehtesab Bill, etc.)
    • Police reforms (online FIR with statistics, Schools of Intelligence and Investigation)
    • Record Revenue Collection of 32 billion as compared to 11 billion in the last year
    • Change from most corrupt province in 2010 to no reported corruption in 2014 (Transparency International Pakistan)
    • Child School Enrolment program resulted in 300000 new enrolments
    • Education (IMU, Hiring of 16000 new teachers)
    • Infrastructure (Peshawar Mass Transit ground breaking expected in Dec 2014)
    • 900 Trafic Wardens trained to be on roads in September 2014
    • And others (Environment, Sports, Power, Tourism, …)
  • Available here:
  • Alternate link to download: 234434087-KPK-Achievements

Police Assistance Line (PAL) Centers

Police School of Intelligence (first in the country for Police)


Other related news:

Mastermind of Peshawar Airport attack arrested

Rauf Klasra praise KPK Police

If video do not show up watch here:

Going hi-tech: K-P police launches School of Investigation

PESHAWAR: Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa IGP Nasir Khan Durrani inaugurated the School of Investigation in Peshawar on Tuesday.

The school has been initiated keeping in view the increasing use of technology in crime today. Addressing the first batch comprising 25 officers from across the province, Durrani urged participants to undergo training with full dedication.

The School of Investigation, which has been established by the K-P police using its own resources, will be headed by a director who will look after administrative affairs. An officer of the rank of DIG has been appointed to look after training.

The police have engaged highly-qualified specialists from across the country as lecturers. There will be courses on crime scene preservation, evidence collection, evidence preservation as per modern day best practices, cellular forensics, geo tagging, geo fencing and interrogation techniques.

Terming the Investigation Wing the backbone of any police force, the IGP advised participants to perform their duties with integrity, empathy, impartiality and honesty. Anyone involved in nepotism or corruption will be dealt with strictly, he added.


Special Combat Unit training begins

IG KPK Nasir Durrani Interview – Khyber TV

KPK Police to have Special Commandos Force like US Marines, Al-Zarar Company


Action against corrupt Police men

Computerization of Criminal Records

Nasir Durrani – Why IG KPK not Punjab?

State-of-the-art Equipment for KPK Police

  • Rs. 288 million approved
  • GSM locators = 2
  • GSM jammers = 300
  • bulletproof rostems = 7  (one for each zone)
  • metal detector units = 25
  • non-metal detector units = 24
  • portable low frequency jammer units = 16
  • explosive detector units = 10
  • computer liability units = 100.
  • K-P police will get independent of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) or Intelligence Bureau (IB)
  • The criminals will not be able to change their locations after making calls from their mobile phones and would be tracked within a few minutes which will discourage kidnappers and extortionists. Previously requesting from FIA, IB took 24 hours
  • Full article:

KPK Police – Becoming a role model

  • KP police has traced 129 cases of terrorism
  • repulsed 57 militant attacks in last four months
  • Setup Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD)
  • Setup Counter-Kidnapping Cell (CKC)
  • Digitisation of Criminal Record (DCR) of last five years
  • Geo-tagging of heinous crimes and criminals
  • Police Intelligence Network
  • Mobile Forensic Lab
  • Directorate of Police Complaints and Internal Accountability
  • The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Restriction of Rented Buildings Ordinance 2014
  • The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Hotel Restriction (Security) Ordinance 2014
  • The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sensitive and Vulnerable Establishment and Places (Security) Ordinance 2014
  • Vehicle Verification System (VVS)
  • Public Intelligence Network (PIN) is being established for intelligence-led policing.
  • Full article:

IG Police KPK Interview

IG KPK Police Nasir Durrani says that Police is fully independent and there is no political inteference. He also clarified the transfer of DPO Mansehra. Watch here for short clip (2:26) and see full inteview in the following parts.