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First Time in History: KPK govt opens up government guest houses for the public through Tourism Department

The provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) has taken another initiative to bring some change in the province, in order to deliver the public. For the first time in the history of Pakistan, the government of KPK has opened the government guest houses for the public. Tourism Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has published advertisements in leading newspapers of Pakistan. With the tagline, “Public Money For Public Services”, the Tourism Department of the province has announce to give government owned guests houses on rent to the general public.

While addressing the event organized by Tourism Department KPK, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that the provincial government has spent 4 Lac rupees on 13 government guest houses and already have earned 40 Lac rupees after commercialization. He said that other remaining guest houses will be also commercialized soon and earned money would be spend on public welfare programs. Imran Khan said that the budget of CM House KPK is lowest as compared to other provinces. He also added that things would not become better unless public money would be spent on public welfare.

For bookings of government guest houses in KPK and other details:

  • Call on “92-91-9211091”, “92-331-9621213”, “92-310-0991718” or “92-341-4814756
  • Online bookings :



First of its Kind – KP Govt Launched Smartphone App (Android) for Citizens to register complaints on the spot

Download App from : or from Google Play at

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government on Wednesday unveiled a dedicated web portal for citizens to know about the performance of all tiers of the government through the use of information technology.

The web portal has been prepared by the performance management cell (PMC) at the chief secretary’s office in collaboration with the Directorate of Science and Information Technology.

Briefing mediapersons at the Civil Secretariat, chief secretary’s personal staff officer Farrukh Atiq and deputy coordinator (technical) reforms implementation cell Dr Altamash Janjua said that that PMC would manage the web portal entailing information about the performance of the district governments and provincial departments, polio eradication efforts and law and order situation. It would also facilitate online file tracking system, monitoring of annual development programme, deputy commissioner e-office and GIS-based analysis of social services delivery in the province besides carrying reports of the independent monitoring unit about the health and education departments.

Mr Atiq said that the new system would help in effective service delivery to citizens, promote accountability and transparency in government functioning, support better governance through e-governance and ensure a culture of quantified performance management for government employees.

Officials say step to lead to greater transparency in govt affairs

He said that the system was aimed at making information about the work of government functionaries accessible to public. He said that the government was also sending teams to the districts off and on to substantiate the data uploaded to the service by the DC offices across the province and even some officials had been panelized on the basis of such data.

He said that the initiative would help foster a digital culture that would lead to greater transparency in government affairs. He said that the system would be formally launched by the chief minister soon.

Dr Altamash Janjua said that they were also introducing a smart phone application, which was available for download at the citizen portal. He said that through this App, people could submit complaints supported by the video, pictorial and audio evidence of any issue related to the government affairs. He said that in case the DC office did not take that complaint into account it would automatically reach the commissioner’s office. (source: Dawn, October 15th , 2015)

smart1 smart2 smart3 smart4source:

KPK Reforms Cell – Explained by Altamash Janjua – PhD from Standford University

Upcoming: Strategic Communications Cell based on Automated Information System

The Strategic Communications Cell based on Automated Information System providing a two way communication platform between Citizens, Media & Government and making the Govt much more answerable, that too within time, is Masha Allah, on its way. Citizens can log in and contribute through text, picture and video message. Software is in final testing phase (better late than sorry) !
This is just a presentation prepared for the bosses. Otherwise the Cell is open for anyone to come during office hours and share their ideas –  Abid Majeed (Secretary Information Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) via Facebook



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2014-15 : KP gets Rs 2.5 bn bonus for “Best Financial Management” again

Image Courtesy: Naya KPK Facebook Page
News Source:

Finance Dept. KPK – Online Complaint System Launched

Achievements of KPK Govt (Official Presentation)

A detailed KPK Govt OFFICIAL published presentation listing out the various achievements of the KPK Govt since being elected into power. Our website (kpkprogress) highlights most of the news related to these achievements grouped into various categories.

  • Significant ones:
    • 57% public satisfaction (top of the list)
    • 25 new bills (RTI, RTS, Ehtesab Bill, etc.)
    • Police reforms (online FIR with statistics, Schools of Intelligence and Investigation)
    • Record Revenue Collection of 32 billion as compared to 11 billion in the last year
    • Change from most corrupt province in 2010 to no reported corruption in 2014 (Transparency International Pakistan)
    • Child School Enrolment program resulted in 300000 new enrolments
    • Education (IMU, Hiring of 16000 new teachers)
    • Infrastructure (Peshawar Mass Transit ground breaking expected in Dec 2014)
    • 900 Trafic Wardens trained to be on roads in September 2014
    • And others (Environment, Sports, Power, Tourism, …)
  • Available here:
  • Alternate link to download: 234434087-KPK-Achievements

Results after dealing with corruption


KPK Food Price Control

In an interview on July 3, 2014, CM Pervaiz Khattak answered questions related to the issue of price hike and KPK govts actions in controling it (watch at 35:14 in the following video). He also mentioned about online price control portal which is available at

Bad State of Govt Hospital in Bannu

Local Govt department website with support from German govt

website line:

PESHAWAR: The website of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Local Government, Elections and Rural Development department was formally launched on Wednesday at the Local Governance School in Peshawar.

The launch ceremony brought together senior officers of the Local Government (LG) department and media representatives to experience the newly-established online platform first-hand.

The website, acknowledged as an important tool for the department’s future information management, is dynamic and offers functional levels of interactivity through multimedia support features, news updates and a citizens’ feedback corner.

Speaking on the occasion, LG Secretary Hifzur Rehman said, “Communication as a tool of citizen engagement can do wonders for service delivery. The website has given us the freedom and also made us more accountable to improve the outreach and delivery of our services by interacting more actively with citizens.”

Rehman added the department’s website has been established in line with the government’s e-governance framework. “We are strengthening our internal and external communication and with the launch of the website we have now gone a step ahead to engage with the citizens of K-P through information sharing and public participation,” the secretary said.

The website will strengthen the department’s public relations through sharing communication material such as success stories of local governments. In addition to providing information about ongoing reform measures and development projects being undertaken by the department, the website also enables users to download key documents such as the K-P Local Government Act 2013, K-P District Government Rules of Business 2013, Strategic Development Partnership Framework and Post-Crisis Needs Assessment.

The online platform was developed with the support of the German government under its Support to Good Governance Programme in order to strengthen the K-P LG department’s public relations. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) provided support to the department in process planning, content and structure development, as well as the website’s design.

The Good Governance Programme will also support the provincial government in fostering the design and implementation of a coherent legal framework, strengthening the training system for local civil service, developing models and providing advice for enhancing the quality of urban services, and supporting the design as well as the implementation of participatory planning and budgeting in urban local governments.

The website can be accessed here.