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Public Opinion shared by Moeed Pirzada

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What PTI has done in 17 months (must watch)

This video was published in November 2014 which shows the achievements of PTI govt in KPK in Health, Education, Anti Corruption, Police, CM Complaint Cell, Patwari culture. Future posts on this blog will give updates on the actual implementation of services to be offered as highlighted in this video (Police SMS, Hospital Biometric, IMUs for Hospital, etc.)

Achievements of KPK Govt (Official Presentation)

A detailed KPK Govt OFFICIAL published presentation listing out the various achievements of the KPK Govt since being elected into power. Our website (kpkprogress) highlights most of the news related to these achievements grouped into various categories.

  • Significant ones:
    • 57% public satisfaction (top of the list)
    • 25 new bills (RTI, RTS, Ehtesab Bill, etc.)
    • Police reforms (online FIR with statistics, Schools of Intelligence and Investigation)
    • Record Revenue Collection of 32 billion as compared to 11 billion in the last year
    • Change from most corrupt province in 2010 to no reported corruption in 2014 (Transparency International Pakistan)
    • Child School Enrolment program resulted in 300000 new enrolments
    • Education (IMU, Hiring of 16000 new teachers)
    • Infrastructure (Peshawar Mass Transit ground breaking expected in Dec 2014)
    • 900 Trafic Wardens trained to be on roads in September 2014
    • And others (Environment, Sports, Power, Tourism, …)
  • Available here:
  • Alternate link to download: 234434087-KPK-Achievements

Results after dealing with corruption


Computer operator uses new K-P RTI law to go after his ‘missing’ job

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s new law on the Right to Information is not just reserved for state secrets. As 28-year-old Sabahat Ghaznavi found out, it could help him get his job back.

Ghaznavi, who has dabbled in television journalism, had applied for a position as a computer operator at the Bureau of Agriculture Information in December 2013. After the test and interview for the grade 16 post, the merit list was displayed and his name was on it as a successful candidate. It was put up on the notice board at the department but was removed after a short while.

“It made me suspicious about the intentions of the department,” Ghaznavi said. “When I asked why the merit list had been removed, I was told that due to unknown circumstances the job offer has been cancelled and it would be re-advertised in February 2014.” (The job was, in fact, re-advertised in March 2014 in the daily Aaj newspaper.)

Instead of buying this story, Ghaznavi used the new K-P RTI law and went to its commission. He requested its help to give him access to the minutes of the test and interview and the merit list that was produced afterwards. After he was given these documents, he went to the Peshawar High Court and it ruled in his favour.

He joined work as a computer operator on June 25 this year. “I am relieved,” he said. “I got my right through the RTI law.”

Luckily for him the law was passed by the K-P Assembly on October 31, 2013. It aims to ensure transparency and access to information in the province. He says he would never have found out had it not been for the RTI law. It empowered him as a citizen to ask for the relevant documents and find out why his job was re-advertised without any reason.

If there was no RTI law he would not have been able to pursue the source of information. He now feels that RTI-like laws can provide “real stability” in a country and do away with all kinds of corruption and malpractice. “I am here because of the RTI law and I will always spread the word about it to inform other people about using it to beat corruption in society,” he resolved.

It seems that Ghaznavi’s is one of the handful of cases that are surfacing. According to the RTI Commission’s chief Major (retd) Sahibzada Muhammad Khalid, they have received 71 cases so far out of which 31 have been tackled and the rest are being heard. Each case has a 60-day deadline.

For years, government officials have jealously guarded the secrecy of official business but now the RTI law mandates access to information. It is just a matter of using it.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 18th, 2014.

Public Response in Peshawar (Shahzeb Khanzada)

  • This set of people are not happy at all. They claim that they voted for PTI but not happy with their decision.
  • But other complete surveys show that people are generally satisfied (see post here)
  • I am usually not convinced with such road shows where one can pre-arrange the audiance of choice

Rauf Klasra praise KPK Police

If video do not show up watch here:

My view – Don’t make Hazara like Southern Punjab under PML

I (belong to Abbottabad – Hazara) am critical of PTI’s contributions in Hazara (posted my concerns earlier) which has shown its result in both by-elections which PTI lost in Hazara ( PK45 and NA19 ). If PTI would have done anything special/different (as they are doing in Pakhtun belt), they would have won by-elections. So I am not happy with PTI’s role in Hazara.

On the other hand, people of Hazara love PML-N which is evident from general elections results. So they should not object now when they have not given mandate to PTI. Better ask Mehtab Abbasi, Sardar Yosuf and Co. (a sadists approach).

Such concerns are surfacing now (like in this report: Allocations in budget fail to impress Hazara residents) which I don’t totally agree with but still there are valid points which must be addressed by PTI govt and specially looked after by its local leaders (Ali Asghar Khan, Dr. Azhar, Azam Swati, Mushtaq Ghani, etc.).

Having said that, I think there are still many promises/areas where PTI should have done some CHANGE:

  • Abbottabad New City Project (no news about that so far)
  • Traffic Management Plan (no progress or effort on it)
  • Standard of Hazara University (and we are talking of new education city without any focus on existing university)
  • Ayub Medical Hosptial (biggest hospital of the region – still I could not find any news except Reham Khan questioning Imran Khan about its sate of affairs – rats in emergency)
  • and others which I dont know

In the end, reader must not overlook good things like news about Nathiagali Amusement Park, Small Industries-II for Abbottabad, focus on Hattar industrial state, etc.

SDPI survey indicates PTI on top, PML gone down

Historical Surveys and their correctness validation
Party 2008 (survey : votes : +/-) %age 2013 (survey : votes : +/-) %age Now (June 2014)
PPP N#1 : 45% : 31% : -14% N#3 : 17.4% : 15% : -2.4%  N#2 : 19%
PML-N N#2 : 29% : 20% : -9% N#1 : 33.4% : 32% : -1.4%  N#3 : 16%
PTI Not included N#2 : 22.2% : 17% : -5.2%  N#1 : 34%
PML-Q N#3 : 8% : 23% : +15% N#9 : 1.3% : 3% : +1.7%  N#x : 1%

My opinion: Do we have new KPK after almost 1 year?

Question: 1 years has past but where is “New KPK”? Where does the “promise” of “change” in “90” days stand?

Answers (as I think):

  • Do we have “New KPK” = NOT YET
  • Do we have “change” = PARTIAL (things changing in the right direction but slowly)
  • Is anything going in wrong direction: NO
  • Have they failed = Certainly not

Based on following opinion/facts:

I don’t know about others but I am more concerned and watching whether they are doing anything or not. My personal opinion is that they have not delivered exactly the way people expected, and they way they could have done. I know critical reasons for this “slow” progress which is not failure as of yet.

Reason 1 – Incompetence
PTI politicians in KPK are incompetent because they are traditional old people without great ideas to take initiatives like IK had thought, proposed, promise. The corrupt and inefficient ones must be removed as per their promise. They took action against QWP ministers (first time in history to kick out coalition parter due to corruption) but don’t have system to punish them or justify their claims even though every one on ground is happy because they were notorious. They also took action against own ministers and removed them but clear reasons are still unknown – if it was due to corruption, they must have been exposed (PTI may be doing politics here). Reason for this shortcomign is absence of  much awaited KPK Ehtisab commission which is in process of organization.

Ehtisab Commission: Should have been functional and have punished few big names by now. But legistlation and transparent process is also important which takes time. See the progress from Jan 2014 to May 2014 (5 months). You can not do these steps (e.g. public announcements) overnight if it has to be transparent.

Reason 2 – Inexperiance:

The ones who are good and active but inexperianced and learning things. Experiance does matter when it comes to delivering within short period. This is true in any field. No matter how good, honest you are, it takes sometime to know things before you deliver. But don’t confuse it with other parties experiance who have 30 years experiance and yet take years to just announce a name (refer to HEC chairman appointment) when all rules are already known/inplace. So if inexperiance of PTI becomes a reason to not deliver in 5 years then that will be bad.

Reason 3 – Legislation time:

In democracy (unlike dictatorship) everything has to be implemented through parliament which is long process. You don’t get results in one session. Even without experiance and new team KPK govt did legislation of RTI, RTS, and other laws listed below (please share progress of other provinces if anyone has any complaint from KP govt.)
Bills (legislation) approaved by PTI Govt:

Little bit about Satisfactory/Good Performance:

  • Police: I don’t claim that police is excellent now but it has improved A LOT. In fact, it is becoming a role model. Many initiatives (credit to IG KPK and credit to PTI which appointed him) are outstanding. Police is being upgraded. It is not polititions tool anymore in KPK. Any other province has anything similar? Please share.

I have not listed all good things like education sector reforms (specially IMU initiative), welfare projects, mega cities initiatives, etc. If you are really interested then see this blog and follow it:

What I expected to see by now:

  • Some micro hydal projects started (update July 7: They are started. I did not know find details here)
  • Ehtisab Commission Working (update July 7: CM in a recent interview mentioned that it will b functional in 2 months)
  • My PhD completed 🙂 (update July 7: Will be done in September InshaAllah)

KPK tops in Society Satisfaction Poll by Gallup Pakistan

  • Percentage of people satisfied (completely+somewhat) about current situation:
    • KPK=57 % (22+35)
    • Punjab=27 % (6+21)
    • Sind=26 % (7+19)
    • Balochistan=8 % (1+7)
    • Pakistan= 29% (8+21)
  • Percentage of people dissatisfied (somewhat+completely):
    • Balochistan = 18% (18+0)
    • KPK = 20 % (12+8)
    • Punjab = 25 % (16+9)
    • Sind = 39 % (38+1)


Public feedback after 6 months

PTI KPK Govt. 6 Months Performance – KPK People Views with Kashif Abbasi