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KPK Police Jaguars – Commando force ready

A commando unit on the pattern of Pakistan Army’s Zarar Company, US navy seals, was raised in April 2014. It was named Special Combat Unit (SCU) which is now nicked as KPK Police Jaguars. Trained by Pakistan Army and Navy commandos, Jaguars are ready…


Free Health for 32% poor KPK citizens

Free health facility in public or private hospitals for 32% poor and deserving population ( 81 lac people). First time in Pakistan, but only in KPK.

Govt cost= 1.8 billion only


PESHAWAR: Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has approved extension of the Sehat Sahulat Programme to the whole province from the next financial year to provide free quality health care facilities to poorest strata of the society.

The decision was taken at a meeting in the Chief Minister’s Secretariat here on Wednesday, said a handout. Secretary Health Abid Majid informed the meeting that the proposed programme costing Rs1.82 billion would provide free health care services to 32 percent of the poorest population, around 1,166,388 households of the province which constitute 81,00,000 individuals.

He elaborated that under the programme to be financed by the government from its own resources, health facilities would be extended to the needy patients through insurance corporations at empanelled public and private hospitals.  The secretary explained that deserving patients would be registered according to the poverty index criteria set by the Benazir Income Support Programme.

Similarly, he said that Rs25,000 would be incurred on the treatment of each deserving patient while the whole poor family would be provided Rs175,000 per year for the purpose. He said that registered patients would have the choice  to select either public or private hospital for treatment.  He elaborated that the health-care programme, besides reducing expenditures of the poor population and generation of additional income for the public sector hospitals would also provide incentives for health staff.

The steps, he said, would increase access of the poorest population to quality health care, improve health status of the target of population and help reduce poverty.  The programme has been implemented in four districts of the province, including, Mardan, Kohat, Malakand and Chitral with the financial assistance of KFW and the provincial government.

The beneficiaries of existing programme are 21 percent poorest households are being facilitated under the programme. Similarly, 100,000 households including 700,000 individuals are provide health care services through State Life Insurance Corporation.


First Time in History: KPK govt opens up government guest houses for the public through Tourism Department

The provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) has taken another initiative to bring some change in the province, in order to deliver the public. For the first time in the history of Pakistan, the government of KPK has opened the government guest houses for the public. Tourism Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has published advertisements in leading newspapers of Pakistan. With the tagline, “Public Money For Public Services”, the Tourism Department of the province has announce to give government owned guests houses on rent to the general public.

While addressing the event organized by Tourism Department KPK, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that the provincial government has spent 4 Lac rupees on 13 government guest houses and already have earned 40 Lac rupees after commercialization. He said that other remaining guest houses will be also commercialized soon and earned money would be spend on public welfare programs. Imran Khan said that the budget of CM House KPK is lowest as compared to other provinces. He also added that things would not become better unless public money would be spent on public welfare.

For bookings of government guest houses in KPK and other details:

  • Call on “92-91-9211091”, “92-331-9621213”, “92-310-0991718” or “92-341-4814756
  • Online bookings :


First of its Kind – KP Govt Launched Smartphone App (Android) for Citizens to register complaints on the spot

Download App from : or from Google Play at

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government on Wednesday unveiled a dedicated web portal for citizens to know about the performance of all tiers of the government through the use of information technology.

The web portal has been prepared by the performance management cell (PMC) at the chief secretary’s office in collaboration with the Directorate of Science and Information Technology.

Briefing mediapersons at the Civil Secretariat, chief secretary’s personal staff officer Farrukh Atiq and deputy coordinator (technical) reforms implementation cell Dr Altamash Janjua said that that PMC would manage the web portal entailing information about the performance of the district governments and provincial departments, polio eradication efforts and law and order situation. It would also facilitate online file tracking system, monitoring of annual development programme, deputy commissioner e-office and GIS-based analysis of social services delivery in the province besides carrying reports of the independent monitoring unit about the health and education departments.

Mr Atiq said that the new system would help in effective service delivery to citizens, promote accountability and transparency in government functioning, support better governance through e-governance and ensure a culture of quantified performance management for government employees.

Officials say step to lead to greater transparency in govt affairs

He said that the system was aimed at making information about the work of government functionaries accessible to public. He said that the government was also sending teams to the districts off and on to substantiate the data uploaded to the service by the DC offices across the province and even some officials had been panelized on the basis of such data.

He said that the initiative would help foster a digital culture that would lead to greater transparency in government affairs. He said that the system would be formally launched by the chief minister soon.

Dr Altamash Janjua said that they were also introducing a smart phone application, which was available for download at the citizen portal. He said that through this App, people could submit complaints supported by the video, pictorial and audio evidence of any issue related to the government affairs. He said that in case the DC office did not take that complaint into account it would automatically reach the commissioner’s office. (source: Dawn, October 15th , 2015)

smart1 smart2 smart3 smart4source:

Traffic warden police equipped with body mounted cameras

PESHAWAR: The newly established Traffic Warden Police, Peshawar has taken another leap towards modernization by equipping its personnel with the body mounted cameras.

These cameras are equipped with both voice and video recording, says a police spokesman in a statement here on Wednesday.

The traffic staff has been directed to switch on the camera each time he proceeds to stop a vehicle for imposing fine. All the proceedings from stopping a vehicle till issuing a fine ticket to the driver would be recorded in real time in the camera memory.

In this techno-savvy age of the smart phones where almost anyone can record live events in real time, the question of imposing illegal fine and misbehavior on the part of on-duty traffic police staff has come under intense scrutiny.

Since the camera is an unbiased witness, it will provide substantial evidence of the sequence and happenings of the incident which would in turn help the supervisory officers as well as the courts to unearth the truth, establish true facts and make decisions on merit.

Secondly, these cameras would have a deterrent effect on the public as well as the traffic staff by holding both of them accountable. These cameras would help in neutralizing the defiant attitudes of the public
and criminal orientations of suspects. Further, the dread of being caught red-handed would have a remedial effect on the behavior and demeanor of the traffic staff.

Therefore, it is anticipated that the cumulative effect of these body-worn cameras would lead to a drastic drop in complaints of misbehavior, seeking gratification and imposing illegal fine.

This is another initiative of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police which is in line with the best international practices. The law enforcement agencies of almost all the countries of the developed world are equipped with body mounted cameras. The KP police is the first police force in Pakistan to take this initiative.

This project will be implemented in three phases. In the first phase the traffic police of Peshawar has been provided these body-worn cameras.

In the second and third phases the traffic police of remaining districts and the local police respectively would be equipped with the modern cameras. – APP


watch embedded video below


KPK Reforms Cell – Explained by Altamash Janjua – PhD from Standford University

Upcoming: Strategic Communications Cell based on Automated Information System

The Strategic Communications Cell based on Automated Information System providing a two way communication platform between Citizens, Media & Government and making the Govt much more answerable, that too within time, is Masha Allah, on its way. Citizens can log in and contribute through text, picture and video message. Software is in final testing phase (better late than sorry) !
This is just a presentation prepared for the bosses. Otherwise the Cell is open for anyone to come during office hours and share their ideas –  Abid Majeed (Secretary Information Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) via Facebook



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Coming up: Traffic Wardens

Results of Education Reforms – Alif Ailaan Rankings show KPK performed best during 2014-15

Alif Ailaan (website here) is an NGO launched in February 2013 with an aim of focusing Education Sector in Pakistan. The findings of this third-party assessments clearly show the +ive CHANGE promised by PTI. While other provinces show a down-trend, KPK education sector shows clear progress. THUMBS UP.

You can read the full report here:

Results of Police Reforms

Image courtesy: NAYA KPK Facebook Page

2014-15 : KP gets Rs 2.5 bn bonus for “Best Financial Management” again

Image Courtesy: Naya KPK Facebook Page
News Source:

Traffic Management / Dicipline @ University road Peshawar

Pakistan’s 1st Explosive Handling School Established by KPK Police

NOWSHERA: The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government has established the country’s first explosive-handling school to train bomb disposal squads (BDS), Express News reported.

K-P Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak inaugurated the school. K-P IG Nasir Durrani gave the chief minister a tour of the facility, while BDS personnel performed a demonstration of finding explosive material buried underground.

Addressing the media on the occasion, IG Nasir Durrani said that BDS personnel will be trained to international standards at the facility, adding that in the first phase, a 500-man unit will acquire expertise in finding explosive material hidden underground and in various objects.


IGP KPK addressing police officiers regarding level of political involvment


watch here:

Rs. 30 billion Lahore-metro vs Rs.12 billion Air-conditioned bus service for Peshawar from June 2015

Dunya News Video report:

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has decided to launch air conditioned bus service in Peshawar to provide speedy and comfortable travelling facilities to the commuters.

The plan of launching the new bus service in Peshawar was approved in a meeting held here on Tuesday with Chief Minister Pervez Khattak in the chair, said a handout.

The CNG bus scheme will be introduced by multinational transport company ‘Bucephalus’ under public-private partnership. The company named after famous horse of Alexander the Great will invest initially $200 million with plying a fleet of 150 mini buses on Peshawar mass transit corridor-II, from Chamkani to Hayatabad, while 50 more buses will be added to this fleet after every six months.

Besides Bucephalus chairman Guillaume Jamart and chief executive Ali Arshad Khan, the meeting was also attended by Adviser to Chief Minister Shah Mohammad Khan Wazir, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Mohammad Ishfaq Khan, Transport Secretary Sardar Abbas, CM Complaint Cell chairman and head of donor coordination Dilroz Khan and other officials concerned.

The representatives of the company said that following an agreement with transport department and node of chief minister, the bus service would be launched in June next year. The meeting was told that about 800 people would get employment in the bus service including trained lady drivers.

The 32-seat automatic mini-bus having separate portions for men and women will be run on the route in two shifts from 6am to 10pm. The bus will cover the 25-kilometre journey in 50 minutes with two minutes pause on every stop. The fare can be paid in cash, through card and SMS that will facilitate the people of Peshawar to reach their destinations timely and easily.

The chief minister asked the transport department to conduct another session with the company for identification and allocation of 100-kanal land for the bus terminal comprising stands, workshops and service stations of the company as well as fixation of the fares.

He said that the people of Peshawar needed affordable transport fares. He directed all the departments concerned to take effective and result-oriented steps to streamline and facilitate smooth flow of all sort of transport including the bus service.

The chief minister said that the company was running successfully its bus service in Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, USA and Eastern European countries. He said that the service would be extended to other cities of the province.

Mr Khattak also welcomed the offer of the company to launch electric rechargeable rickshaws. He said that the rechargeable auto-rickshaws would be launched in rural areas.


What PTI has done in 17 months (must watch)

This video was published in November 2014 which shows the achievements of PTI govt in KPK in Health, Education, Anti Corruption, Police, CM Complaint Cell, Patwari culture. Future posts on this blog will give updates on the actual implementation of services to be offered as highlighted in this video (Police SMS, Hospital Biometric, IMUs for Hospital, etc.)

Results after dealing with corruption


KPK Food Price Control

In an interview on July 3, 2014, CM Pervaiz Khattak answered questions related to the issue of price hike and KPK govts actions in controling it (watch at 35:14 in the following video). He also mentioned about online price control portal which is available at

Atif Khan (education minister) telling about Initiatives in Education Sector

  • Monitoring System for Education Sector using IMUs (teacher presence, school facilities, etc)
  • Teacher Recruitment – 8000 recruited on merit – 6000 more teachers will be added
  • Teacher Training of existing teachers
  • Improvement of Examination system (use of technology to curb cheating)
  • Focus/priority on female education
  • Incentives for backward areas students to increase enrolment
  • Missing Infrastructure -> Launch of Tameer-e-School Program (how it will work)
  • Watch here:


KP gets Rs1.5 bn bonus for “Best Financial Management” among provinces

Reward for whistleblowers or complainants in corruption cases

  • PTI will legislate to give incentive and reward to those who will identify corruption cases with proof
  • Independent Ehtisab Commission will take such corruption cases



Digital Youth Summit – Positive Development

Posts related to this event can be found here:

If video does not appear, watch report here:

Special Combat Unit training begins

400 MW cheap electricity for industrial zones in KPK

  • Hopfully get permission from center to make 400 MW electricity from additional gas (in 2 weeks)
  • This electricity will be given to inudustries without any govt profit (cheap electricity)
  • approx 800 new industries will use it
  • Revive industrial zones in: Swat, Nowshera, Hairpur, Gadoon, Peshawar, Kohat
  • Objective: Job creation using indeginous sources and incentives


Pervaiz Khattak meets with DG NAB

  • Discussed about the KP Ehtisab Commission which will be operational soon
  • CM appreciated 25 days performance of the new DG NAB (arrest of 17 corrupt persons)
  • Shared difference on Plea-bargain
    • NAB releases the corrupt after recovering a meager amount
    • KP wants every penny be taken back
  • Corrupt should not be posted on important posts (list of corrupt being maintained)
  • Corruption cases reported to CM Complaint Cell to be given to NAB
  • Meeting will be held between DG NAB and Chief Ehtisab Commissioner (once appointed)
  • Full report:

Stipend for unemployed Masters degree holders in KPK

Imran Khan meeting with Atta-ur-Rehman

IK presides over a high level meeting on Higher Education and Education City in KPK (Naeem ul Haque @ Twitter)



KPK Police to have Special Commandos Force like US Marines, Al-Zarar Company


KPK Govt requests for list of provincial NAB cases

پشاور: خیبرپختونخوا حکومت نے بدعنوانیوں میں ملوث صوبائی ملازمین کی تفصیلات نیب سے طلب کرلیں

پشاور: جن ملازمین کے خلاف نیب انکوائری کررہا ہےانھیں کسی بھی عہدے پر تعینات نہیں کیاجائےگا،وزیراطلاعات خیبرپختونخوا شاہ فرمان

پشاور: صوبائی حکومت تمام انکوائریوں میں نیب کے ساتھ تعاون کرے گی، شاہ فرمان

Nasir Durrani – Why IG KPK not Punjab?