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Energy Projects in KPK – Video showing on-ground work (click on tags below for details)


Updated: Status Report of Energy and Power Sector Reforms (completion dates)

Source (Reforms Implementation Cell – check for updates): http://khyberpakhtunkhwa.gov.pk/khyberpk/page.php?pageID=653&deptID=321

The provincial government is focusing on Hydel generation, developing viable alternative energy sources, establishment of oil refinery through PPP, developing community driven micro Hydel projects and energy conservation awareness programs.

Policy Priorities

  • Focus on Hydel Power generation through Short, Medium and Long term interventions
  • Exploration & Exploitation of Oil & Gas Potential
  • Efficient utilization of Net Hydel Profits
  • Emphasis on development of viable alternative energy sources
  • Establishment of an Oil Refinery through PPP
  • Development of Community Driven Micro -Hydel Projects
  • Energy Conservation


  • 55 MW electricity will be generated till Dec, 2015.
  • 61MW electricity will be generated till Dec, 2018.
  • 153 MW electricity will be generated till Dec, 2019.

Machai Hydel Power Project with production capacity of 2.6 MW Mardan:

  • Will be completed by end of June,2015.

Ranolia Hydel Power Project with production capacity 17 MW Kohitsan:

  • Will be completed by end of June,2015

Daral Khwar 36 MW Swat:

  • Will be completed by end of December 2015.

Lawi 69 MW Chitral and Matiltan 84 MW Swat

  • Technical bids (both HPPs) opened on 5th February, 2015.
  • Financial bids will be opened by end of April,2015.

Koto 31 MW Dir Lower, Jabori 7 MW Manshera and Karora 10 MW Shangla Hydel Power Projects:

  • Approved by ECNEC.
  • EPC contract awarded.
  • Ready for inauguration.
  • Completion by June, 2018.
  • Management consultant selected.
  • Selection of Engineering,Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor in process.

Hydel Power Projects (Sharmai Dir-150 MW, Shushai-Zhendoli Chitral -144 MW and Shogosin Chitral -132 MW):

  • Financial advisors (funds arranger firm)  is being hired to get finances for these projects by selling shares in the existing projects.
  • 356 Mini/Micro Hydel- Power projects in 12 districts at UC/Village level and community run:
  • 207 projects upto SO KW will be completed by September,2015.
  • 87 projects upto 150 KW will be completed by December,2015.
  • 31 projects upto 250 KW will be completed by September, 2016.
  • 31 projects will be completed by December, 2016.

Establishment of Oil Refinery:

  • Refinery will be built at Krappa (Distt Karak) and Power Plant will be established at Khushal Garh.

KP Oil a. Gas Company:

  • An Oil and Gas Company has been established with the objective to promote oil and gas exploration in the province.
  • Chief Executive Officer appointed.
  • KPOGCL Board constituted.
  • Signing of production agreement with OPL in process.
  • Negotiation with KUFPEC for Pharpur Block in process.
  • Purchase of 02% share in Tall Block in process.
  • 2.5% investment in Pezu and Barathai Completed.

Joint Development Agreement (JOA) for construction of two projects i.e Lower Palas Kohistan 665 MW and Lower Spatgah Kohistan 496 MW:

  • JOA  was expected to be signed but Korean Company  is losing interest  in the projects.
  • The progress is not encouraging.

200 villages by solar electrification by DC standalone system Phase-I  (Southern  and  Central  Districts), Phase-II(Northern Districts)

  • Phase-I:- MC hired, contract will be awarded soon.
  • Phase-II:- MC and contract under process.

Award  of  study  for  providing  electricity  from  Pehur  Hydel Station to Gadoon Industrial Estate:

  • Contract awarded.
  • Report of Phase-I submitted.
  • Report of Phase-II will be submitted by end of March,2015.

Feasibility of 03 site in Swat and Chitral ( Torcamp-Godubar HPP Distt Chitral 409 MW, Kari-Muskhur HPP Distt Chitral 446 MW, Gabral Kalam HPP Distt Swat 110 MW)

  • Contract will be awarded by 31st March,2015.

KPK Under Construction Hydro Power Plants (HPP)

Sr. No.

Name of Project

Name of District

Potential (MW)

Completion Date


Ranolia HPP


17 MW

March 2015


Machai HPP


2.6 MW

March 2015


Daral Khwar HPP


36.6 MW

December 2015


Koto HPP

Dir (Lower)

40 MW



Jabori HPP


10.2 MW



Karora (New) HPP


11.8 MW



Matiltan HPP


84 MW



Lawi HPP


69 MW



271.2 MW

Source: http://kpkep.gov.pk/under%20construction.html

Three hydel projects (56 MW) to be completed by 2015

 PESHAWARThree hydropower projects having generation capacity of 56MW will be completed next year under the provincial government’s energy action plan. Due to these hydel stations not only the energy crisis in Pakistan will be controlled to some extent but also these stations improve financial position of the public exchequer.
This was stated by the PEDO’s Board chairman Tariq Iqbal, while chairing the Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organisation (PEDO) 4th board of directors meeting. During the meeting the board was informed about the progress of work on ongoing energy projects in the province. It was also informed that three hydropower projects namely Daral Khwar HPP, Swat of 36MW, Ranolia HPP, Kohistan of 17MW & Machai HPP, Mardan pf 2.6 MW will be completed in next year and start generation collectively 56MW.

The board showed its satisfaction over the pace of work on various energy projects and stated that in the next year the construction work will be stated on Matiltan HPP 84MW, Lawi HPP 69MW, Karora & Jabori HPPs. During the meeting the PEDO board took various decisions regarding the newly administrative set up of department and scrutinised the applications received from various candidates who applied for the position of Executive PEDO chief. Board also approved the terms of references for the newly created vacancies of general manager thermal, HR & legal experts to be hired soon.