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Ehtesab commission can now probe decade-old cases

PESHAWAR: The provincial assembly on Friday amended the law to empower the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ehtesab Commission to deal with corruption cases against the holders of public offices during the last over a decade.

The house passed the KPEC (Amendment) Bill 2015 through which certain changes were made to the KPEC Act 2014.

Officials told Dawn that under the KPEC Act 2014, there were certain ambiguities about the powers of the Ehtesab Commission.

“Originally, it was stated that the law would come in force at once, which meant that the commission could only dealt with cases occurring after it came into existence and not earlier. However, now after the introduction of this amendment, the commission is in a position to deal with corruption cases from Jan 1, 2004 onwards,” an official said.

The assembly has now replaced Section 1 of the Sub-Section 3 of the Act.

The new Sub-Section 3 states: “It shall come into force at once, except the provisions relating to establishment of the commission and Court and provisions relating to the powers and functions of the Commission, Court, Director General, Prosecutor General and all other staff involved in the investigation of a case under this Act shall be deemed to have taken effect from 1st January.”

PA amends law to end ambiguity about powers of accountability body

The amendment bill tabled by law minister Imtiaz Shahid was passed by the house unanimously.

source: http://www.dawn.com/news/1175253/ehtesab-commission-can-now-probe-decade-old-cases


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