My opinion: Do we have new KPK after almost 1 year?

Question: 1 years has past but where is “New KPK”? Where does the “promise” of “change” in “90” days stand?

Answers (as I think):

  • Do we have “New KPK” = NOT YET
  • Do we have “change” = PARTIAL (things changing in the right direction but slowly)
  • Is anything going in wrong direction: NO
  • Have they failed = Certainly not

Based on following opinion/facts:

I don’t know about others but I am more concerned and watching whether they are doing anything or not. My personal opinion is that they have not delivered exactly the way people expected, and they way they could have done. I know critical reasons for this “slow” progress which is not failure as of yet.

Reason 1 – Incompetence
PTI politicians in KPK are incompetent because they are traditional old people without great ideas to take initiatives like IK had thought, proposed, promise. The corrupt and inefficient ones must be removed as per their promise. They took action against QWP ministers (first time in history to kick out coalition parter due to corruption) but don’t have system to punish them or justify their claims even though every one on ground is happy because they were notorious. They also took action against own ministers and removed them but clear reasons are still unknown – if it was due to corruption, they must have been exposed (PTI may be doing politics here). Reason for this shortcomign is absence of  much awaited KPK Ehtisab commission which is in process of organization.

Ehtisab Commission: Should have been functional and have punished few big names by now. But legistlation and transparent process is also important which takes time. See the progress from Jan 2014 to May 2014 (5 months). You can not do these steps (e.g. public announcements) overnight if it has to be transparent.

Reason 2 – Inexperiance:

The ones who are good and active but inexperianced and learning things. Experiance does matter when it comes to delivering within short period. This is true in any field. No matter how good, honest you are, it takes sometime to know things before you deliver. But don’t confuse it with other parties experiance who have 30 years experiance and yet take years to just announce a name (refer to HEC chairman appointment) when all rules are already known/inplace. So if inexperiance of PTI becomes a reason to not deliver in 5 years then that will be bad.

Reason 3 – Legislation time:

In democracy (unlike dictatorship) everything has to be implemented through parliament which is long process. You don’t get results in one session. Even without experiance and new team KPK govt did legislation of RTI, RTS, and other laws listed below (please share progress of other provinces if anyone has any complaint from KP govt.)
Bills (legislation) approaved by PTI Govt:

Little bit about Satisfactory/Good Performance:

  • Police: I don’t claim that police is excellent now but it has improved A LOT. In fact, it is becoming a role model. Many initiatives (credit to IG KPK and credit to PTI which appointed him) are outstanding. Police is being upgraded. It is not polititions tool anymore in KPK. Any other province has anything similar? Please share.

I have not listed all good things like education sector reforms (specially IMU initiative), welfare projects, mega cities initiatives, etc. If you are really interested then see this blog and follow it:

What I expected to see by now:

  • Some micro hydal projects started (update July 7: They are started. I did not know find details here)
  • Ehtisab Commission Working (update July 7: CM in a recent interview mentioned that it will b functional in 2 months)
  • My PhD completed 🙂 (update July 7: Will be done in September InshaAllah)

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